Parents Forum News


Parents Forum News  18/10/17

Thank you to all of the parents who attended our first forum of this academic year.

The cakes went down very well! (Thank you to Mrs Bird)

Parents were pleased with the improved communication links using texts, use of the website including letters and the new friendly format of the latest newsletter.

Accelerated reader scheme was discussed as a parent wanted some clarification of how to log on. Mr Davies demonstrated the logging on process and has arranged to deliver an Accelerated Reader parents meeting on Tues 31st Oct at 5:30pm aimed at  Year 2 parents and anyone else who would feel it to be beneficial.

The new parents evening online booking in system proved to be a positive first experience for most parents. Please remember that if you are struggling to find a time slot then speak with the class teachers as we are more than happy to arrange other times/dates to suit.

Parents asked if the merit system could be a little clearer with how the children in different year groups can achieve their merits. They felt that some continuity was needed throughout the school. Mr Davies and Mrs Tomlinson are going to discuss this further at a future Senior Management Team meeting to devise a non-negotiable merit list as a basis.

Next parent Forum meeting will take place on Wed 31st January 2018 at 2:45pm. All welcome.

Mrs Tomlinson and Mr Davies

14th June 2017

 Thank you to Mrs Bird for the supply of chocolate brownies at our recent parent forum.
Concerns were made regarding children receiving letters. Sometimes children are not getting the letters and parents are struggling to get hold of them. It has now been decided as a staff that ALL letters must go on the website in the 'Letters Home' heading section so that if you haven't received a letter you will be able to view it on the website or find what letters have gone out recently. We hope this helps!
Thank you for the suggestions.

Our next Parent Forum will be arranged for the new academic year

Mrs Tomlinson and Mr Davies

22nd March 2017

Thank you to all that joined us for yummy cake at our parents forum last week.

Ideas from the last forum were followed up with the progress towards the PTA funding some outdoor play equipment/learning area.

Suggestions were raised to collect the Asda green tokens and the PTA are going to look into applying for this at Asda to help with the funding.

Enquiries were raised about after school clubs and to continue to provide as many as we can with as much variety as we can. Obviously we have to be careful with clubs that need the hall as we only have one hall!

With the better weather approaching we are looking at a KS1 and KS2 football club plus a possible basketball club. Gymnastics for KS1 and KS2 will continue to run in the summer term plus a 6 week magical maths club has been booked for after Easter.

The year 3 and 4 homework was mentioned. A letter has already gone out to those parents to explain.

The idea of a library basket of books in year 1 and 2 was also suggested as progression from EYFS. This idea has been passed on to the Key stage 1 team to discuss further.

Thank you for all of your suggestions and the next meeting is planned for Wednesday 14th June at 2:45pm

Mrs Tomlinson and Mr Davies

11th January 2017

Thank you to those that joined us at our Parents Forum on 11thJanuary.

The flapjack and cookies were yummy! (Thank you Mrs Bird)

Suggestions raised from the previous meeting were followed up and discussed including actions that had been taken.

Parents were concerned about the ongoing parking issues at school when dropping off and picking up children. Still some parents are parking without taking into consideration the safety of our children.

Parents on the PTA raised suggestions about using the PTA money to improve the playground environment including outdoor learning provision and possible painting of the playground markings.

Mrs Tomlinson and Mr Davies

Autumn Term 

Thank you to all of the parents who attended our first forum of this academic year.

The cakes went down very well! (Thank you to Mrs Bird)

Parents asked for a wider variety of after school clubs which all staff are now looking into.

Parents were pleased with the text messaging service and website class pages to give them more notice and reminders of when events are happening. They asked if letters could be given out to every child on the same day and to put as many as possible on the website.

Some parents felt there wasn’t enough notice given for the change in uniform logo and they feel the quality/variety of the logo uniform from Tesco is poor and would like it to be available from M&S again. M&S feel that we did not sell enough uniform from them to make it worth their while so will no longer let us get it from them. Please remember that your child does not have to wear logo clothing and you are allowed to buy your child’s uniform from any shop that suits you as long as it fits with our school colours.

Parents were positive about the mile a day but enquired as to whether it could be opened to KS1. We replied that we could consider it for after Easter but would require parent supervision and people who are first aid trained.

Mrs Tomlinson and Mr Davies