Forest School

About Forest School


We are developing a Forest School within our school grounds to give children the unique opportunity of experiencing first hand, play and learning in a controlled outdoor environment.


Forest School is the name for an approach to educating children in the outdoors on a regular basis. This work will support the main curriculum and will have emphasis on raising children’s self-esteem, independence and confidence.

Learners are entitled to experience appropriate risk and challenge. They are also entitled to initiate and drive their own learning and development.



We believe everyone should:

  • Have regular access to a natural environment
  • Have a safe environment to succeed, create, use and apply skills
  • Learn through self-directed play and exploration
  • Develop their curiosity, self-esteem and creativity
  • Develop a knowledge of the natural environment and ability to assess risk
  • Have an opportunity to understand and respect the natural world around them



Our main objectives are to produce confident and capable children who:

  • Are independent and resourceful
  • Are happy and care for each other
  • Do lots of outdoor physical activity
  • Are gaining confidence and improving their practical skills
  • Have good ideas and like to find out new things
  • Can make choices and take responsibility
  • Know when it is safe to take risks
  • Understands, take care of and appreciates the natural environment


Click here to access our Forest School Handbook

Click here to access the Forest School Risk Assessment