Parent Questionnaire Feedback


Thank you to everyone who completed the recent parent questionnaire. We received 120 replies and these have been studied carefully. Where possible individuals have been contacted with regards to specific issues raised. If you have not yet received a phone call and would like to discuss an issue on your questionnaire please contact the office and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

The following chart highlights the responses received for each question, some more frequent comments and how school is planning to respond. Where possible we will endeavour to take on board and implement your requests but in some cases we are bound by Government legislation and national systems such as grading levels etc.


Question Results You said We will
  SA A D SD U    
My child enjoys school. 45 27 0 0 0
The school keeps my child safe 54 17 0 0 1
The school informs me about my child’s progress 40 31 0 0 1 Can the assessment points system have an explanation on the website?

This was put on the website last October.  Please go to information for parents and assessment on the main website.

My child is making enough progress at this school. 37 34 1 0 0
The teaching is mostly good at this school 47 25 0 0 0
The school helps me to support my child’s learning. 39 31 2 0 0
The school helps my child to have a healthy lifestyle. 42 24 2 0 4

Do the Dovedale Association need to use sweets for fundraising?

Why, when rehearsing for performances, P.E is the subject that is missed?

This has been passed onto the Dovedale Association for discussion.

Hall time is shared between classes and where possible P.E slots are exchanged so children miss out on as few as possible.

The school makes sure my child is well prepared for the future. 33 37 0 0 2
The school meets my child’s particular needs. 40 31 1 0 0
The school deals effectively with unacceptable behaviour 38 30 2 0 2
The school takes account of my suggestions and concerns. 29 37 2 0 2
The school is led and managed effectively 42 28 0 0 2
Overall I am happy with my child’s experience at this school. 47 23 0 0 2

The school provides a range of stimulating

extra -  curricular activities.

36 32 3 0 1

Why have clubs such as cricket and gymnastics been cancelled at short notice?

Can there be more non sport based clubs?

Could there be more music clubs?

Obviously the weather creates cancellations which we try to share with you by text as soon as possible. 

With gymnastics outside providers can cancel clubs and make alternative arrangements which are beyond our control.

All staff run at least one club in the year and try to ensure there is a verity of interests covered.  This year there has been chess, craft, maths, phonics and science and these will most likely be on offer next year.

These require specific skills which staff may not have.  We have offered drumming, guitar and recorders this year.  Please speak to Miss Martin for more details.

The school sets an appropriate amount of homework for my child’s age group. 25 38 8 0 1

Why has there has been so much homework over the year?

Can teachers comment on homework?

Can there be less internet based homework?

This message has been shared with staff to consider. 

Most comments are verbal but this again will be discussed with staff.

The school is welcoming and there are opportunities to get involved. 36 34 0 0 2
The school communicates effectively with regards to events in and out of school. 38 29 2 0 3

Could there be a display board with updated news and events information?

Could there be more notice for dress up days / Insets?

Good idea – we will look at this for September.  Please do check the news and events page on the website which is updated each term.

This information is already on the website, newsletters and class pages.

The school provides opportunities to get involved in the wider community. 25 42 3 0 2 What community events / links have there been?

The list is extensive but includes:

ASDA – coming into school and teaching healthy living / support at Sports Day.

Using the local bus service

Visiting the local allotments.

Working with the Poppy appeal in the local area.

Visiting the local church – St Marys

Open the Book hosting assemblies.

Supporting national charities – Macmillan, Save the Children, Children in Need.

Visiting local businesses – Car garage, Tesco, Asda,

Links with other schools in the area through sports events.